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Resident Pastor of Winners Chapel International New Jersey

Pastor Timoteu Ariyo is presently the Resident Pastor of Winners Chapel International New Jersey. He was ordained into full-time ministry in April 2010. Prior to this, in 2008, he was privileged to be part of the core brothers tasked by leadership through Pastor David Adeoye with establishing the winners chapel International Houston, Texas. He was immediately transferred to Winners Chapel International Dallas as the Resident Pastor where he served for 7 months, April 2010 to November 2010. From Dallas, Texas he was moved to WCI-NY where he served for another 7 months, November 2010- June 2011. Later he was transferred to Winner Chapel International Georgia where he served for 5 years and 6 months, June 2011- January 2017, after which he was posted to serve in Winners Chapel International New Jersey.  Pastor Timoteu Ariyo’s main focus is teaching the core messages of the church which includes faith, signs and wonders, prosperity and the wonders of stewardship in the order of Matthew 6:33. He is joyfully married to Deaconess Victoria Ariyo and they are blessed with 2 children; Daniel and David Ariyo. 



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