My name is Ejimofor; I joined this Commission in 2003. My health was attacked with this unbearable pain in my right lower abdomen. It feels like an open sore in my stomach. I couldn't eat or drink anything hot, even when I drink something cold; it feels like pouring cold water on an open wound. This went on for several months. I went to numerous hospitals here in the US, they ran all kinds of test on me, but no one can identify what was wrong with me. I was in so much pain; couldn't eat because food has lost taste in my mouth. I was scared and all sorts of thoughts came through my mind. Few days before the close of 21 days fasting and prayers, I was rushed to the emergency room because the pains and irritation was increasing. Again they ran all sorts of test on me and came out with no result pointing at what was wrong with me. My sister called me the following Sunday morning informing me that it was an Impartation Service and the Bishop sent a mantle that I should try and come to church. I managed to come to Church that morning and as the ministrations was going on, our Pastor said if anyone here wants this mantle to work for them, they will first of all believe in the man who sent the mantle, believe in his ministry and honor him in our hearts. He said again that once you make contact with the mantle, place it on any where you wish for it to work for you, and pass it on quickly. He kept on prophesying, I could only move my lips repeating after him, as I was in so much pains to speak out. I went home declaring that no affliction is permitted to rise again the second time. I believe in the Lord and I am established; I believe in my prophet sent to me – Bishop David Oyedepo and I shall prosper. By his stripes I am healed. I kept on speaking and declaring it and behold to the glory of God, I was healed and made whole again. I can eat and drink anything I want. I give God alone the praise and glory. Jesus is Lord.

Bro. Ejimofor A.
Winners Chapel International New Jersey. USA.


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